Sunday, October 4, 2009

Celebrating 1 Year!

Here is to one year of bread! The picture above is my first attempt at grinding and making my own bread. I really didn't get into making it on a regular basis until about 6 months ago. I have learned a lot and it now looks better than this picture and has a better texture. So many things just take trying them out for me and of course changing it until we find what we like.

So here is my recipe (now this is for a BOSCH so if you have a kitchen aid, I would GUESS that you would only be able to do a small batch!).

Grants NM Stake
Small ******************Regular
Batch ******************Batch
4 ***********************6 Cups- Warm water
1 ***********************1 ½ TBSP- Salt
1/3********************* ½ Cup- Oil
1/3 *********************½ Cup- Honey
1 ½ *********************2 TBSP- Dough Enhancer
2 ************************3 TBSP- SAF Yeast
7 ************************10 Cups- Wheat Kernels
3 ************************4-6 4x8 Pans

Freshly grind wheat into flour (medium setting).
Add water and several cups of freshly ground whole wheat flour to Bosch mixing bowl with dough hook in place. Mix using a few short bursts of the spring-loaded jogging switch (‘M’).
Add the SALT, HONEY, OIL, DOUGH ENHANCER and INSTANT YEAST and jog briefly. (If the quality of your wheat is suspect try adding 3-4 TBSPs Gluten also.)
While Bosch is kneading at speed 1, slowly add WW flour until dough pulls away from the side of the mixing bowl. This normally will take most of the WW flour you have ground. It is better to add too little flour than too much flour.

Allow Bosch to knead the dough until the gluten in the WW flour is properly developed. This takes about 10-12 minutes.
Turn oven on to pre-heat to 150. Shape into loaves and place in pans (previously well greased- we suggest Vegelene).
Turn oven off and put loaves in warm oven to rise until double in size (this will take approx. 25 minutes). When loaves are double in size, set oven to 350 and turn it on (leave loaves in oven).
Bake for 30-35 minutes. When loaves are done, immediately remove from pans and let cool ion wire rack. (Hint: So pans won’t stick, wipe out while hot and don’t wash them.)

I love this recipe and I am going to try to make my own dough enhancer, next time I make bread (and when my vital wheat gluten comes in...). I will let you know how that goes. The reason I love this recipe:

  • It is a quick recipe (for bread).
  • It uses honey instead of refined sugar.
  • It is pretty foolproof (even though I have gotten better at making it, it was still good in the beginning).
  • It tastes good.

Some tips I have tried and like to do:

  • Use a mixture of White and Red Wheat..more white than red
  • When shaping the dough slap in on the counter or board 5 times before making it into a loaf shape (gets some air bubbles out).
  • When measuring the honey use the same measuring cup you used for the oil (same amount required) and then the honey will easily slide out of your measuring cup.

So here is to many more years of bread making!

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