Monday, April 4, 2011

Shelf Reliance

Dear Family and Friends,

Many of you know that I love to cook, save money, and organize things.  So, after hosting a Shelf Reliance Home Party I decided to become a Shelf Reliance Consultant.  Which means I get to sell products that I love, and the best part is I get to save people money by offering the products at a party price.  

Since I am brand new to this consultant thing, I am still learning a lot, but would love for some of my family and friends to host a party for me.  It can be a physical party at your house or an on-line party. I may be able to schedule a party for you that coincides with a trip to your city.  As a party host, you do earn benefits based on the amount sold at your party, so you can earn benefits from just hosting the party.  

There is absolutely no pressure for you to host a party for me, but I just wanted to let you know that I am a consultant.  So if you don't want to host a party but are interested in placing an order, just let me know and I can get a price list sent to you.  (Also, if by chance you already have a consultant that you are ordering through, then I am not trying to take you away from them...) 

If you are interested you can email me at loveforfoodandoils (at) gmail dot com or call or text me at  (646) 481-3736 or my cell phone number if you have it ( I made a new email for this and the essential oils that I am a consultant for as well (which is a new development as well).)

Thank You and let me know if I can answer any questions for you.  Hope you have a great week!

April Larcher

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