Monday, June 27, 2011

Week one of Getting My MOJO Back is DONE!

So here is the low down on my little group I joined.....

You have to do these things

1. Drink 48 ounces of water a day.

2. 30 minutes of exercise (Everyday but Sunday).  - This needs to be dedicated exercise...meaning I can't coun't swimming with the kiddos, or vacumning, or weeding the garden. It needs to be real, good old fashion sweatin' to the oldies type exercies. 

3. No soda (Kill me now!)

4. No sweets (desserts, pastries, candy, or sugary snacks) Sugar-free alternatives are okay.

5. No fast food, or unhealthy snacks.  

6. Consume 4 servings of any fruit/veggie combination that works for you!

7. No eating after 9 p.m. For the pregnant mommy's to be or breasfeeding ladies, if you do have to eat after 9 PM, just make sure its healthy. Does that sound good?

8. Read 15 minutes of spiritual or uplifting text

9. Write in your journal (Daily blogs count, too.) 

10. Personal goal- each week make a personal goal for everyday or make a goal for the entire week. (Like getting to bed each night by 10 PM, do an art project with your kiddos each day, organize your master closet)

So pretty easy right????? I have to keep on telling myself that because...YES I want to do these things....and I mostly do....but what I hate the most about trying to get back into shape is that my weight fluctuates like 5 pounds up or down a DAY!  This makes it hard to see progress!  
So far this last week went pretty well, although it was my birthday so I got a free day for that....wish me luck on the next 7 weeks.

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